About The Law Tutor

Irene Basdakis, Esq.

Irene Basdakis created Bar Made Easy as a result of her experiences in law school and while taking the CA Bar exam. As a law student, she was taught that knowledge and memorization of the law along with case briefs would be sufficient for students to pass their exams. This was not the case.

Essay writing comprises at least 50% of law school final exams and CA FYLSE/Baby Bar and Bar exams yet essay writing skills are not being taught.  Students are frustrated as they continue to take these exams, only to not pass, postponing the career they are working so hard to obtain.  

Recognizing the need for solid essay instruction and personal attention, Irene created Bar Made Easy.  She combines her unique teaching methods, authored materials, learning tools, and mindset strategies to coach law students with essay writing skills essential to passing final exams and the CA FYSLE/Baby Bar and Bar exams.  

Irene Basdakis is a licensed attorney and member of the CA State Bar. In addition to having been a law school faculty member, she has been an author, lecturer, student mentor, and law tutor to students nationwide since 1996.