law school coaching program - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th yr students

Ongoing Tutoring, Personal Instruction And Support When Needed.

20 Hours Of Prearranged Live Tutoring.

  • Writing Workshop 
    • We teach step by step how to:
      • read an essay
      • understand the call(s) of the question(s)
      • identify the essay's issues
      • outline an essay answer 
      • write an essay answer with concise analysis 
      • use our 8 Simple Steps to Essay Writing ™ 

  • Review Of Essay Questions
    • Essay questions are provided for classes enrolled in
    • Essay questions have been tested by the State Bar of CA
    • In depth review of each essay question 
      • What does the call(s) of the question(s) mean
      • what issues is the essay testing
      • what arguments and counter-arguments can be made
    • You select the law subject that essay question(s) are selected from

Essays can be written from these law subjects

  • Submit Essay Answers to Bar Made Easy For Evaluation and Feedback
    • Write one essay answer at a time, include date, name and page number on each page, and email your answer to

  • Receive Personalized Law Essay Critiques
    • Answers are thoroughly evaluated for: 
      • Were the call of the question(s) answered and tested issues identified
      • The quality of the analysis and overall organization
      • What was done well, what wasn't, and where and how to improve with detailed comments
      • Specific test taking tips and suggestions for improving essay writing skills

  • Each Critique Can Be Reviewed With You
    • To provide a better understanding of the areas that need improvement and how to make the improvements

  • Rewrite Essay Answers For A Second Personalized Law Essay Critique 
    • Incorporate our suggestions into each rewritten answer so that you understand how to improve the essay answer through practice

  • Receive Our Essay With Helpful Comments For Each Essay Question Written 

  • Receive Our Well-Written Model Answer For Each Essay Question Written

  • Test Taking Development

  • Assist In Learning The Law And Essay Approaches

  • Deal With Test Taking Anxiety

  • Provide Assistance In Setting Up A Study Plan

  • Answer Your Questions

  • Continuous Encouragement and Support

  • Law School Coaching Program Is Done In Person, On-line, By Telephone Or By Email 

  •  Benefits:
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year law students

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