Testimonials for teaching "how to write an essay answer"

"With the effort on my part, the results speak for themselves."

Thasha McVey

CA FYLSE/Baby Bar Review &

Law School Coaching Program

When it comes to help in preparation with the FYLSE, law school, personalized tutoring and the CA bar examinations, there are loads of programs that talk a good game, but Bar Made Easy helps you to achieve success.  

Irene has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to succeed. Learning to write essays in a legal capacity, much like case studies was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask or how to effectively issue spot. Irene personally guided me, taking the time necessary, with an approach that was proven to be most effective and produce great results.

Bar Made Easy has everything – which made the most of my time. With the requisite effort on my part the results speak for themselves. 

The best part was that I could completely trust the outlines and approach. This format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques in my writing immediately, in contrast to my past failed attempts.  

"Each essay I wrote was critiqued heavily. "

Eraclis Pelargos

Personalized Law Essay Critiques

I have taken the bar several times.  While the commercial bar programs are great, they did not provide any real individualized help or feedback or gave specifics on how to fix your essays or what you need to do to study differently.

What I enjoyed, and thought was very beneficial, was that Irene took the time to get to know me and how I write my essays. She looked at past essays I had written, spoke to me over the phone or through emails about what my thought process was going through the essay. I feel as though this allowed her to really understand my writing style and learning method, and then she was able to better provide me feedback and guidance on how to make it better and improve on what I already knew. 

Each essay I wrote was critiqued heavily, both with positive feedback on what I was doing correct, and with negative feedback as to what I need to work and focus on. I knew that Irene spent time to read each essay and didn't provide just a generic response or template answer. Irene's program was the most helpful and provided me the best feedback and opportunity to learn and be successful on the exam. 

"I passed the CA FYLSE/Baby Bar because of your productive and rewarding experience."

Vida Fangwang

CA FYLSE/Baby Bar Review &

Law School Coaching Program

Dear Irene Basdakis,

I felt I was so lucky to be your student. Without your efficient work on my baby bar review, I probably would have given up my law study. 

Fortunately I passed the CA FYLSE/ Baby Bar because of your productive and rewarding experience. In studying the second and third year law school materials with you, I found the guidance you had provided to be a valuable resource. 

Your input regarding essay critique is valuable. I can improve my essay’s writing skill and feel comfortable to follow your instruction. 

Specially I thought English as my second language was hard to write an essay professionally and could not be done on time. Your tutoring approach gave me a new roadmap and made me achieve my career positively. 

In regards to the preparation for the baby bar as well as law school tests and finals, the information from you was definitely a game changer! 

"I increased my essay and performance scores expediently."

Marcus A. Giordano

Personalized Law Essay Critiques & Tutoring

Since I had chosen to go with Bar Made Easy I was able to increase my essay and performance scores expediently and learned how to write an essay answer.

By having Irene red pen review my essay writings, I was able to accurately pinpoint my pitfalls and high points.  By sitting with Irene, I learned how I was off course and how to realign my writing skills to elevate my scores.

When applying Bar Made Easy’s techniques I was able to advance my performance exam score from 55 to 70 overnight by simply following their methods and practices.


Because of Bar Made Easy I was able to sit with confidence at the next bar administration. I highly recommend Bar Made Easy if you are interested in increasing your scores and improving your test preparation.

"Her guidance through the proven test taking methods helped me succeed."

William Donahoo, Esq.

Donahoo & Associates

CA FYLSE/Baby Bar Review, Law Office Study Program, & CA Bar Review

As a student completing my education requirements under the California BARs “Intent to Study Law in a Law Office or Judge’s Chambers” program, I found Bar Made Easy and Irene Basdakis. 

Her tutelage proved to be an indispensable aid as I worked to complete my California Baby Bar and Bar preparation. 

Irene knows the subject matter and has synthesized outlines for each key subject. 

Her guidance through the proven test taking methods helped me succeed.

"Thank you Irene Basdakis and Bar Made Easy."

Gary Harr, Esq.

CA Bar Review

I worked with Irene Basdakis to help me pass the California State Bar and it was one of the greatest decision I ever made. 

Irene is very compassionate and dedicated, and unlike other people I worked with, Irene never gave up on me and was there for me until I received the good news that I had passed! 

Irene answered every question that I had and she helped me cope with my frustrations and kept telling me that I would get it if I kept working hard. 

She is my bar angel and I could have never passed this test without her. Thank you Irene and Bar Made Easy.